Ogden Friendship Meals


                                            Friendship Meals 
The Ogden Friendship Meals provides a nutritionally balanced meal at noon, Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at the Ogden Community Center. At Friendship Meals you will
find companionship, group activities and practical information on diet and exercise. Both
the meals and the information provided are designed to assist Seniors to remain healthy
and independent.

                                        How Much Does it Cost?
The suggested price for meals $ 4.50 for anyone under 60 and $ 2.75 for 60+ participants
are encouraged to contribute to the cost of the meal according to their ability to pay.


                                               Meal Delivery
Meals are also available for delivery to individuals who are not able to leave their homes
for medical or for other physical conditions.  

                                          Contact Information
For additional information about Ogden Friendship Meals contact Sarah Jones at 785-537-0351.